Executive Board

2014-2015 Executive Board

  • President: Sarah Salama
  • Vice President: Evelyn Macareno
  • Secretary: Anthony Spano
  • Treasurer: Brianna Stevens
  • Community Service Chair: Lynn Tay (2014); Gabrielle Langella (2015)
  • Alumni Chair: Gabrielle Langella

2013-2014 Executive Board

  • President: Gabrielle Langella
  • Vice President: Evelyn Macareno
  • Secretary: Kristiana Kalibat
  • Treasurer: Sarah Salama
  • Community Service Chair: Gabrielle Langella
  • Alumni Chair: Radislav Meylikh

2012-2013 Executive Board

  • President:                              Radislav Meylikh
  • Vice President:                    Sydney Susino
  • Secretary:                              Thomas Nolan (2012); Gabrielle Langella (2013)
  • Treasurer                               Lynn Tay
  • Alumni Chair:                       Gregory Balaes

2011-2012 Executive Board

  • President:                              Gregory Balaes
  • Vice President:                     Lenny Giordano
  • Secretary:                               Angelo Cacciatore
  • Treasurer                               David Finkelstein
  • Community Service Chair:  Sara Mffarej

2010-2011 Executive Board

  • President:                              Gregory Balaes (Founder)
  • Vice President:                     Lenny Giordano

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